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Nana Ioseliani, AKA nana.ios, is a Berlin-based multidisciplinary producer and musician. With a diverse musical background and a passion for experimentation, she explores various artistic domains, including music, art, dance, digital media, etc. Her evolving nature is a testament to her continuous artistic exploration.
Nana is a self-sufficient artist, handling everything from songwriting and composing to production,video directing, costume design, project management, or marketing. She ventures into diverse mediums, encompassing imagery, mixed media, and sonic landscapes, embracing a multidisciplinary approach.
Her debut album, "The Way of Joy," masterfully combines synth, dream, and experimental pop genres, guiding listeners on a journey of self-discovery and creativity.
Her latest single, "Unknown," fuses hyper-pop and experimental dark pop, creating ethereal soundscapes.


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